Licensed Private Investigator for Private Investigations Missouri License # 2010012012 : Kansas License # D-4500 

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Offering Private Investigator / Investigations Services to Attorneys and Law Firms in Kansas and Missouri Kansas City's private investigator John Ecklund has been providing professional private investigation services to businesses, attorneys, and residents in Kansas and Missouri since the 1990's. Our private investigations team offers highly strategic investigative techniques and technology to the Kansas and Missouri metro areas. Are you in need of a private investigator in Kansas or Missouri? Ecklund & Associates is the only private investigator for you! Call Us Today For Your Free Consultation 816-509-3836

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Kansas & Missouri Private Investigator *Attorney Services*

Offering Private Investigator / Investigations Services to Attorneys and Law Firms in Kansas and Missouri

Ecklund & Associates offers quality in depth investigation services in Kansas & Missouri to attorneys and law firms. Whether you need a summons served or a private investigator to locate a witness key to your case, we will provide you with an investigator and an investigations team second to none. We offer you or your paralegal quality private investigation services, providing your law firm with the facts and not just the hearsay.

Medical Chart ReviewsOffering Private Investigator / Investigation Medical Chart Reviews to Attorneys and Law Firms in Kansas and Missouri

Our Private Investigator and investigation team will assist you and your client with medical chart reviews and evaluations including court testimony from one of Kansas City’s most experienced and registered professional critical care providers. With over thirty years’ experience in professional nursing, our medical review expert investigator can assist you with your investigations and cases. As a part of our private investigation services here in Kansas and Missouri we offer in-patient and out-patient video conferencing to better assist you with your investigation if distance is an issue for you or your client to travel.

Kansas & Missouri Private Investigator *FMLA Abuse*Offering Private Investigator / Investigations Services to FMLA Abuse Investigations in Kansas and Missouri

Leave of absence laws give employees the right to be absent from their jobs for a variety of reasons. Employees are becoming more and more sophisticated in ways to abuse the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). An employer must detect and deal with employees who abuse FMLA. Managers are somewhat apprehensive when questioning an employee's requested FMLA leave because of the fear of violating the FMLA laws. FMLA Abuse will affect your businesses bottom line as well as your day to day productivity. Don't be afraid to hold employees accountable for their actions!

Private Investigation Surveillance Equipment Rental: Ecklund & Associates Private Investigations offers covert surveillance equipment rental for your personal investigations usage. Contact us for availability and consultation - 816-509-3836

Kansas & Missouri Private Investigator *Background Checks*

Offering Private Investigator / Background Check Services to Businesses in Kansas and Missouri

As a background private investigator and investigations team we have noticed that businesses are becoming more interested in conducting criminal background checks and investigations when hiring applicants. As a matter of fact, running background checks is now becoming commonplace among many business owners. As an employee represents your company, you should always run background investigation checks on people you are considering hiring. Ecklund & Associates Investigation team can perform simple and complex background check investigations for various reasons. The most common reasons for hiring a background private investigator are for employment, possible partnerships in business and even for people considering dating someone they would like to know more about. Hiring a private investigator for the added security of knowing what's happened in the past can provide much relief. Background checks can be bought online but many don't have details or tell the full story. Our assigned private investigator can find out what happened and what the truth of the matter really is. Whether you need a full or partial background check done for whatever reason, we can provide you with a top notch private investigator. As always, our consultations are free and we can provide references of our private investigation services if needed.
Kansas & Missouri Private Investigator *Infidelity Investigations*

Offering Private Investigator / Investigations concerning Infidelity in Kansas and Missouri

Cheating, nowadays, is quite common. Unfortunately, cheating often leads to divorce ruining families in it's wake. Being married to a cheating spouse can be heart-breaking, depressing and cause serious problems at home and in your life. There are many ways that we can investigate and find out if he or she is cheating. Our assigned private investigator will investigate into online records, browser history, past emails, and covert surveillance of your spouse. Hiding information from you might be easy for your spouse, but hiding it from a private investigator is a little more complicated. Our investigation can even include checking in on where he or she is supposed to be at any given time without them even knowing that they are being monitored, followed, or investigated.

Kansas & Missouri Private Investigator *Surveillance*

Offering The Best Private Investigator / Investigations Surveillance services to Individuals in Kansas and Missouri

Ecklund & Associates offers private investigator surveillance services for private surveillance. Our private investigators specialize in surveillance investigations and special operations. Your assigned private investigator will be equipped with advanced technology and case specific equipment to maximize our investigation services to you. We can provide you with options that may not be available with other agencies or private investigators. Having the right tools and private investigator for your case is key. Our land surveillance vehicles are effectively equipped to handle most types of covert investigative surveillance. For city, metro and rural surveillance, we are equipped to send and receive live video via mobile broadband internet from the field to your location for your convenience where positive identification is questioned or required. Other resources available for your investigation are both rotary and fixed wing aircraft where special operations are required.
Kansas and Missouri Private Investigator *Workman's Compensation & Insurance Fraud Investigations* Offering The Best Private Investigator / Investigations Workman's Comp Fraud Investigation Services in Kansas and Missouri

Ecklund & Associates is a member of the Kansas City Metropolitan Insurance Fraud Task Force. Let us assist your special investigations unit, with AOE/COE investigations including covert surveillance, witness locates, door knocks, witness and claimant interviews. Our investigators use state of the art technology that no other investigative firms in Kansas City use. To better assist and serve the claim management of your case our investigation firm offers live, on demand video that can be sent back to your legal department, workman’s compensation physician, adjusters and other investigative support team over the course of the covert private surveillance investigation. Other uses for live video can be used for quality control and confirmation of identification of the claimant.
Ecklund & Associates Private Investigation Firm of Kansas and Missouri takes pride in offering the best private investigation services out there. With over 20 years of investigative experience it is a choice in a private investigator you will not regret.


Kansas & Missouri Private Investigator *Child Custody*

Offering The Best Private Investigator / Investigations Child Custody Investigation services to Individuals in Kansas and Missouri

When you need the services of a private investigator in Kansas City for a child custody case investigation, Ecklund and Associates can provide the expert investigator you need to secure information for personal reasons or legal cases. Our investigations team has been serving the greater Kansas City Metro area for over 20 years with a high level of professionalism and integrity. Our fellow Kansas City investigators are experienced professionals in the field of child custody investigative services. All of our investigation team members are fully licensed and insured and have been extensively trained in all aspects of domestic, civil, and criminal investigations. We handle a wide variety of investigative services to support divorce proceedings and child custody court cases.
Kansas & Missouri Private Investigator *Elderly Abuse*

Offering The Best Private Investigator / Investigations Elder Abuse Investigation services to Individuals in Kansas and Missouri

Our investigation team is experienced in investigating elder abuse. We can instruct you on the best course of action to help put a stop to this criminal behavior. Elder abuse is something that many of us don’t think about, or will hopefully never see. Elder abuse comes in many forms. Physical, mental, social, financial, psychological, and neglect are abuses that plague the elderly population. Could this be happening to someone you know? A family member or other loved one? Are you absolutely sure? Our investigative team and privately assigned private investigator can assist you in obtaining evidence where suspected elder abuse may exist.
Kansas & Missouri Private Investigator *Computer Forensics*

Offering The Best Private Investigator / Investigations Computer Forensics Investigation services to Individuals in Kansas and Missouri

Ecklund & Associates Private Investigations firm provides you with data recovery of files from all kinds of digital storage media. Our investigations team also offers digital forensics investigation services that include forensic computer examinations, digital evidence acquisition, email examination and investigation, harassment investigations, corporate policy violation investigations, employee termination investigations, confidential and court admissible digital evidence examination and investigation.